Desi twist :- I used normal roti instead of Italian spegiti ya noodles. Koftas r made by kabuli channa. Italian flavor in Indian ingredients. Italian dish made by mainly meat balls with spegiti.

Preparation Time : 1 hrs approx.
Cooking Time .: 30 minutes

Ingredients for Cheese balls 

white chana-1 cup
besan -2 tspn
cheese-dices balls
salt to taste
red chilli pwd -1tspn
oregano-1/2 tspn
garlic-2 tspn chopped



Step 1 Soak white channa for 10 -15 min then put into cooker with 4 cup water and wait for 3-4 whistles
Step 2 Remove water from channa and keep aside this water . Grind channa into mixture then add all other ingredients except cheese dices .

Step 3 Make like dough with water then make balls stuff with single cheese dice .
Step 4 Now steam these balls into steamer fir 3 min . Cheese balls r ready .
Ingredients for gravy Tomatoes :
Tomato-  2 roughly chopped
Garlic cloves –
8 mashed with belan
Oil :: 2tbspn
White channa water :: 2cup
Tomatoes sauce homemade :: 1 cup
Salt to taste
Red chilly powder ::1 tspn
Beet juice ::1tspn
Oregano ::1tspn
Cheese balls
Step 1 Heat oil add garlic then add chopped tomatoes cook for one minute then add channa stock then add tomatoes sauce and give a boil and cook till according to thickness
Step 2 Now add salt , red chilly powder, oregano . At last add cheese balls . Gravy is ready
Ingredients for Spegiti
Wheat flour  1 cup
Step 1 Knead soft dough with water . Keep aside for half an hour . then make big very thin chapaties . On tawa
Step 2 Cut these chapaties into long strIps. Spegiti is ready .
Method for plating
Step 1 Spread gravy with cheese balls then set Spegiti in center of gravy then spread grated cheese .
Ready to serve
Tip:::: Tomato sauce
Boil tomatoes with garlic cloves then grind them. Heat oil then add chopped garlic then add grinded tomato pure and cook according to thickness add salt and red chilly powder 


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