Preparation Time :15-20 mins
Cooking Time:25-30 mins

Eggless beetroot cake made from whole wheat flour and with beetroot

Taste n softness is awesome…
Made in Handwa cooker …. Baked on gas not in oven.

Ingredients Required:

1 n half cup wheat flour
Half cup fresh malai
1 cup dahi
Milk powder half cup
Beetroot shredded 1 large size
Sugar 1 cup full or add as ur taste
Baking powder 1tsp
Baking soda 1 tsp
Vanilla essence 1tsp
Tooti fruity 2 or 3 tbs
Mix roasted dryfruit chopped 1 cup

Method :-1.Take a bowl add Wheat flour baking soda baking powder with milk powder .
Mix well and keep aside.
2.Take a bowl add fresh malai sugar and yoghurt then beat.

now add shredded beetroot and mix it.
3.Then add flour little by little and make batter of cake.
In Last add tooti fruity and mix dryfruit .
4.Take Handwa cooker apply butter or ghee and dust little Maida.
5.Now pour the mixture of cake into the Handwa cooker.
Now fill the plate of cooker with sand then sprinkle some water on sand…. Just normal sprinkle of water.
6.Now keep on flame and leave for 10 minute.
7.Now the sand is enough hot then keep handwa cooker on it.

8.Now bake the cake on slow flame for 25/30 min bake karo….
Check the cake by knife or toothpick.
Sometimes it done it starts to leaving sides of cooker.
If done then remove from flame and leave it on room temperature.

Same process of baking like we are baking handwa.

Beetroot has own sweetness but add enough sugar as your taste.

Note :
You can use regular tin cake and can bake in oven.
I used this cooker to give different shape only.

For frosting n garnish….

Ingredients Required:

Melted White chocolate 50 gm
Butter 2 tsp
Milk 1/2 tsp
Icing sugar 1/2 tsp
Gems 4 packs
Strawberry sticks 3 cut into half

Method :-

Mix all ingredients like milk, icing sugarbutter and melted chocolate and fill into the piping bag….
Now make randomly lining on cake .
Now sprinkle some gems on top .
In last keep strawberry sticks with the help of melted white chocolate.

Your cake is ready……to serve….

Thank u friends
Happy cooking

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